In addition to examinations, pupils can also participate in our annual pantomime productions. Parents are required to purchase the costumes required for the show, which are designed and made by our dressmaker. Initially, we would require a £5 deposit (per costume), with the balance being paid once the costume is ready for collection. We do stress however, that once a costume has been ordered, it will have to be paid for in full and no refunds can be given if your child is unable to participate in the show.
Some moments from JFDA pantomimes
The pantomime gives everyone a chance to join in the fun. The recent Aladdin Pantomime held at the Montgomery Theatre gave Mark Spotswood and Chris Spotswood another chance to dress up. Mark once again opted for the more conservative costume out of the two.

Chris Spotswood (Left), Mark Spotswood (Right).
Following on from their previous scene Chris and Mark can be seen relaxing once more. Becky Clark though doesn't look at all impressed with their lack of attention in her direction. Although she is Aladdin...

Becky Clark (Left), Chris Spotswood (Middle), and Mark Spotswood (Right)